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SEH Computertechnik announces senior management changes

After almost 40 years, two of the founders of SEH Computertechnik GmbH, Joachim and Christian Sturmhoefel step down as founder Rainer Ellerbrake remains as part of a new management team.

The company, founded in Steinhagen together with Rainer Ellerbrake and Peter Herden, grew from a pioneer in network printing to a world-leading manufacturer of network solutions. The use of USB devices via the network and the connection of remote workstations were at the forefront of SEH’s development as a business. In 1989, Werner Schweer joined the company as a partner. In addition to founder Rainer Ellerbrake (63), a second Managing Director Christoph Augustin (33), is now primarily responsible for sales, marketing, production and purchasing.  

"The intention to join a network pioneer like SEH was primarily due to the high level of knowledge in the company," explains Christoph Augustin. "The dedicated colleagues on site convinced me quite quickly with their very open and professional manner that the new position fits perfectly into my future career plans." Augustin also appreciates the fact that SEH Computertechnik is still committed to development and manufacturing in Germany, after nearly 40 years. "This is a strong starting point for new developments and innovations, especially in today's often difficult economic times," explains Augustin.

Rainer Ellerbrake founded SEH in 1986 together with Peter Herden and Joachim and Christian Sturmhoefel. Today, he is responsible for development and finance. "I was asked what the primary goals of the new management duo are," says Ellerbrake. "The main focus for us is to bring dynamism and new perspectives into the company. This goes hand in hand with strengthening sales and, at the same time, opening up new areas of business.

Christoph Augustin adds: "Our vision is above all to strengthen our positioning in the premium segment of network technology. We will achieve this primarily through appropriate products and the expansion of our already excellent levels of customer service."

The two brothers Joachim and Christian Sturmhoefel have no doubts about the success of this expanded strategy: "After more than 37 years at the top of the company, I would like to devote myself to my family and other tasks in the future," Joachim Sturmhoefel states. "However, I will remain associated with SEH Computertechnik GmbH as a shareholder." Christian Sturmhoefel adds, "As Managing Director of SEH, I look back and realise that we were a startup in 1986 by today's standards, it just wasn't called that yet. Many great products and services came out of it. The time until today has shaped me, and I can say that I have met many interesting people and companies. Like my brother, I wish our successors every success." With the recruitment of Christoph Augustin, he believes an optimal mix of tradition and departure has been found.

SEH Computertechnik GmbH was one of the first companies to make numerous printers network-compatible. At the beginning of the 1990s, this came close to a technological revolution, since parallel data transfer switches had been common practice until then. Thismade access to a printer available alternately from two computers located near each other.

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