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SEH Technology Provides Remote Access to Wired Printers

The pandemic has accelerated the obsolescence of old, wired printers that can't be accessed remotely. The devices still work, but with shuddered offices and social distancing practices, their ROI has been reduced dramatically.

SEH Technology Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of network solutions innovator SEH Computertechnik GmbH today announced printserver ONE, an entry-level print server, which enables enterprises to drive value from old printers.

"Most printers have Internet printing capability, but end users must install software specific to the printer to use it. Then, IT bears the burden of supporting all that software," said Mike Majewski, president and CEO of SEH Technology. "printserver ONE doesn't need client software to run. It provides IT with a single administration console that's capable of supporting most USB-compatible printers."

printserver ONE can be used with inkjet, laser, label, dot matrix and barcode printers as well as plotters, multifunction devices, digital copiers and more. It supports Ethernet networks and provides enterprise-class security features such as encryption, user authentication and access controls. In addition, printserver ONE includes a USB 3.0 Superspeed port for performance-enhanced throughput. 

printserver ONE can be centrally managed using the SEH Product Manager which enables simple, browser-based configuration, administration, monitoring and maintenance via a Microsoft Windows or macOS computer.  The software supports popular printer management tools such as EpsonNet Config and SNMP-based tools.

Like all SEH Technology products, printserver ONE comes with free support and updates as well as a warranty that can be extended from 36 to 60 months simply by registering for the free 24-month extension.


Connect Encrypted and Unencrypted Networks to the Same Printer

printserver ONE can be used for encrypted and unencrypted traffic, respectively. Users of both networks can access the same printer simultaneously without compromising the secure network which is attractive to defense contractors, healthcare providers, and other types of enterprises maintaining networks with different levels of security.

"We encrypt the print processes independently of the network so outsourced talent and remote employees can access a printer without endangering the corporate network," said Majewski.

printserver ONE supports SSL and TLS encrypted printing via a LAN, a VPN or the Internet as well as ThinPrint and ThinPrint SSL printing. It also supports IPSec tunnels, certificates and IEEE 802.1X authentication. Enterprises maintain full control over who can print what, where and when, such as by publishing a list of IP addresses or subnets which are authorized to send print commands and fortifying that with password protection. 

Some organizations use SEH Technology's print server products to avoid vendor lock-in.


printserver ONE Is Available Now

printserver ONE is available for major distributors including Ingram Micro and Synnex as well as resellers including CDW.   

For more information, please visit the printserver ONE product page

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SEH has a wide network of distributors and re-sellers worldwide. For a complete list of dealers and re-sellers, both European and worldwide, please visit our "Where to Buy" page. 

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