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The Conpatec Software Company is located in Waldeck at lake Edersee. Conpatec has several years experience with the development of software to perform static structural analysis of light-weight structures.

The company’s structural design program "DaWa" is specially designed for the static verification of a metal building envelope. The large profile database includes trapezoidal profiles, corrugated profiles or liner trays of all well-known manufacturers, amongst others. It includes automatic load generation based on a nationwide geographical locations database to calculate snow and wind loads. In addition, there is a preliminary design version available for a fast and easy dimensioning.

Because the programs are used daily in the affiliate engineering office IDF-Leichtbau, Conpatec can ensure that they meet all requirements of the users. The modern, self-explanatory interface leads to a steadily growing circle of satisfied customers.

These programs are copy-protected by hardware keys which are perfectly compatible with the myUTN-80 Dongle Server by SEH.

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