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The Company: MicroWorks, Inc. is an innovative and creative software solutions company which finds ways to assist their clients by thinking outside of the box. The company develops unique and innovative products to make things more reliable, secure and efficient. MicroWorks' customers range from large correctional institutions to an individual entrepreneur securing an Excel spreadsheet.

The product: The SmartDongle USB security key is designed to facilitate licensing of software. SmartDongle is available for use on many operating platforms including Windows, MAC, and Linux. SmartDongle is compatible with specialty IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) LabVIEW, PowerBASIC, and Real Software as well as the more common IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse. As standalone software security, SmartDongle has the flexibility to be used with passwords, digital signatures, date or time reference, executable code, etc. The flexibility and security of SmartDongle allows use in two-factor authentication solutions.

MicroWorks also released SmartDongle II with upgraded firmware and enhanced security.

The customers include companies in finance, retail, manufacturing, publishing, engineering, public works, gaming, etc.  Our customers are global in scope and range of business.

There are many suppliers of security keys and there are many different methods used for providing security. Our security is open. We freely disclose how the security works.  We have published articles describing the interaction between the calling program and the SmartDongle. We make the source code for our APIs available to our customers. This is especially useful for developers using specific versions of Linux or its derivatives that require source code to be compatible. Our security doesn't come from "smoke and mirrors", it comes from solid algorithms."

Open Source Security – Statement by MicroWorks

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